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"I believe with all my heart that every person in the world is entitled to the gift of literacy. We must provide that gift to the best of our ability, for doing so ensures our humanity and makes possible the realization of a more nearly perfect world."

Scott Momaday,
UNESCO Artist for Peace,
writer, painter, and
Pulitzer Prize Winner for Fiction

Fathers, Fun and Family Literacy!

KARA Family Resource Centre and Claireview Headstart have started a group for kids and their “male role models” (fathers, stepfathers, grandfathers and uncles) to have some quality time together on Saturday mornings.

They approached the Centre for Family Literacy to provide a literacy component in the way of our Lending Box program. Enthusiastically, we entered the partnership and started providing a male facilitator to come in once a month to do literacy activities and bring a box of books for participants to borrow from.

Parents have a profound influence on the literacy development of their children. A solid foundation in language and early literacy is essential to children’s success in daily activities, in new environments and in formal school settings. For many, the idea of developing children’s literacy skills sounds like work. The men of the family who may not have a lot of time to spend with their children are sometimes afraid that this takes away from “fun time”.

This Lending Box program is unique in that it is all male participants with their children. Through the program, they are learning that literacy can be fun and that the time they spend together reading, singing, rhyming and playing is helping them build stronger relationships with their children.

Participants talk about the changing role of males in the family, from breadwinner to active caregiver, and some are just happy for the chance to spend time with their kids. They discuss all the topics we hear in other groups of only moms with their children. They have the same concerns, need support and social interaction and want the best for their children.

Family literacy fits in well here. The participants are learning how literacy begins in the family and the role they can play in it. They learn about activities they can do with their kids to promote literacy. They are eager to use the activities in the time they get to spend together. It is a great example of how the focus isn’t just on moms and babies, but also on the significant men in children’s lives.

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