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"I believe with all my heart that every person in the world is entitled to the gift of literacy. We must provide that gift to the best of our ability, for doing so ensures our humanity and makes possible the realization of a more nearly perfect world."

Scott Momaday,
UNESCO Artist for Peace,
writer, painter, and
Pulitzer Prize Winner for Fiction

January 27 is Family Literacy Day

Family literacy activities are important every day! To promote the importance of reading and learning together, January 27 is recognized as Family Literacy Day across Canada.

Parents, as their children’s first teachers, provide the foundations for literacy and learning. For a child, first comes experience, then comes understanding and finally comes language. We encourage you to celebrate Family Literacy Day and here are a few literacy activities you might share as a family.

 Act out a story with your child
 Make a pretend store and count out the change together
 Go for a walk and read the signs along the way
 Write a letter or a shopping list together
 Visit your local library and let your child choose a book
 Make cookies – reading the recipe together
 Visit a local museum and share stories of our history
 Create a scavenger hunt using books and magazines in your home as the clues
 Play games that use words and numbers
 Use songs and rhymes as part of your daily routine

Enjoy! And remember, it is never too early or too late to talk, sing, and read with your child.

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