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Tips for Year-End Giving

Here are some tips to help you make the most of your donations for 2007.

1.Calculate your income and try to get a handle on your tax liability for the year. Did you sell any appreciated assets? Will you owe more taxes? Take the time to do some planning while you still have the opportunity to make a year-end gift.

2.Review your stocks. In particular look at the stocks you have held for more than a year. Which ones have appreciated the most? It may be prudent for you to make your year-end gift using one or more of these stocks. If you give the stock as a donation, you will not incur any capital gains tax and you get a charitable donation receipt for the full amount of the stock.

3.Talk to your advisor before making any significant gift. Your professional advisor can help you understand the impact of your gift on your income tax return and estate.

Remember in Alberta, your tax reward is even greater this year. Thanks to a new initiative introduced in the province’s April 2007 budget, you now receive a 50% tax credit for every dollar donated over a $200 threshold!

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