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Centre Pilots Family Literacy Regional Network
Family Literacy practitioners have expressed the need for ongoing training and program support that can be provided on a regional basis. They have also expressed a need to be able to connect more regularly with others in their region – both family literacy practitioners and partners from related sectors.

To support these needs the Centre is piloting a Family Literacy Regional Network in three areas of Alberta. Three Regional Coordinators have been contracted to provide training and support in each region: Holly Handfield (Northwest), Wendy Peverett (Central) and Shawna Johnston (Southeast). Each coordinator will provide regional training and support to projects and communities in their region. In addition, the Aboriginal Family Literacy Coordinator, Colleen Crozier, will work closely with the regions to provide on-going support to Aboriginal programs in Alberta.

The decision to move forward with this initiative came after the Centre conducted a needs assessment that included research into similar existing networks, a focus group of potential network participants and solicited responses from family literacy practitioners across the province. There was strong consensus on a need for regional supports for people working in the family literacy field.

The pilot will officially be launched June 1 and the Centre is excited to have this opportunity, under the Parent-Child Literacy Strategy, Community Programs, Alberta Advanced Education and Technology, to build regional capacity in support of family literacy.

For more information on the project, or to contact a Regional Coordinator, please contact the Centre for Family Literacy.

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