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"Outside of a dog,
a book is your best friend,
and inside of a dog,
it's too dark to read.

Groucho Marx

Making a Difference
Philanthropy is one of those multi-syllabic words that often leaves us tongue-tied when we try to say it. But Canadians are certainly not averse to practicing the word in their daily lives.

Results from the 2004 Canada Survey on Giving, Volunteering and Participating conducted by Statistics Canada found that over 22 million Canadians donated more that $8.9 billion to charitable and nonprofit organizations. And 11.8 million Canadians volunteered their time contributing almost 2 billion volunteer hours to organizations.

When participants were asked why they donated or volunteered, they saw it as way to express important social values such as compassion for others and a desire to contribute to one’s community.

The business community is part of this philanthropic culture. With 85% of Canadians making donations and 45% volunteering, there is a substantial number of business people personally involved in their communities. They don’t leave this interest at home. They take it into the workplace where it translates into employee volunteer programs and community investment strategies.

Couple that with the knowledge that many Canadians make a conscious decision to support companies based on their reputation as good corporate citizens and it becomes good business to invest in their community.

Support for the Centre and our work has been growing over the years. The generosity of individuals, corporations and foundations has played a key role in allowing us to expand the scope of the programs and services that we provide to Alberta families.

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