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"Outside of a dog,
a book is your best friend,
and inside of a dog,
it's too dark to read.

Groucho Marx

oSupporting Literacy
Our adult program is built on the tireless efforts of over 150 volunteer tutors. Tutors meet each week with their students, striving to help them achieve greater heights in their literacy skills. Our volunteers have the chance to see first hand the difference a tutor can make in a student’s life.

A special thanks to our Long Service Volunteers

5 – 10 Years

Keith Anderson
Sheila Deswarte
Justin Elbrink
Sylvia Galbraith
Ruth Graham
Earldene Krys
Phyllis McFadden
Joe Quible
Lois Schmidt
Judith Tomlinson
Mary Wright
Margaret Runnells
Beryl Radulski

10 - 15 Years

Diana Seeman
Louise Cox
Tammy Irwin

15 + Years

Mary Ayres
Monica Yeats

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