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"Children's home environments – in particular the extent to which they acquire literacy skills and habits from the adults raising them – are the key to early childhood literacy."

State of Learning in Canada report

Adult Programs in the Community
Did you know that fewer than 10% of people at the lowest literacy levels actually seek help? How do we reach the other 90%? Do adults know there are free programs that can help them? How can we advertise to those who have difficulty reading ads, posters, and other written publicity information?

To address this, the Centre attends community meetings and resource fairs to publicize its free services, provides program information to agencies working with families and adults for referral purposes, and seeks media coverage to build awareness of the issue.

Most of our adult learners meet with their volunteer tutors at the Centre and make use of the tutoring space and resources of our library, but not everyone wants to come downtown. In an effort to make our services more convenient for students, the Centre is partnering with the Millwoods Family Resource Centre in southeast Edmonton, and the Learning Connections project in northeast Edmonton to offer literacy services in these communities.

In Millwoods, we are offering meeting space for one to one tutoring as well as group learning opportunities. Learning Connections, located in the Abbottsfield Mall, is a project of the Learning Centre in partnership with several other agencies. We are collaborating in the project through assessing adult learners, recruiting volunteers in the North East, and offering participants our one to one tutoring program.

If you know of adults who could benefit from family or adult literacy programming, or who might wish to become a volunteer tutor in Millwoods or Abbotsfield, please contact the Centre.

40% of adult Albertans lack the literacy skills for coping with everyday life and work.

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