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"Children's home environments – in particular the extent to which they acquire literacy skills and habits from the adults raising them – are the key to early childhood literacy."

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Lois Hole Memorial Literacy Award Winners
Over two hundred people attended the second annual Leading with Literacy Breakfast where the inaugural Lois Hole Memorial Literacy Awards were presented by Jim Hole.

The Lois Hole Adult Learner Award was presented to Linn Pascal for his outstanding commitment to his own learning. Linn was labeled “slow” while growing up in Dominica because of his inability to learn to read. Fifteen years ago he moved to Canada where his job prospects were limited to labour positions.

Eighteen months ago he decided to get help and joined the Centre’s Adult Tutor Program. This is where it was discovered Linn had dyslexia, which explains his learning troubles growing up. Working with his tutor, Linn is learning to read and write.

Three months into his program, Linn applied for and got a new, higher paying job. He was able to complete the application form without any help. He has taken to reading the newspaper and has found a passion for search-a-word puzzles. Prior to starting his studies with the Centre, Linn could not even read the grocery lists that his wife wrote for him. Now he can write them himself.

Upon receiving the award, Linn commented, “I appreciate the award and I think everyone who cannot read should not give up.”

The Lois Hole Community Leadership Award was presented to Dr. Ruth Hayden for her outstanding and ongoing commitment to family literacy in Alberta. Dr. Hayden was instrumental in founding the Centre for Family Literacy and is an influential leader in the areas of emergent and family literacy.

Dr. Hayden has worked tirelessly to advance the cause of family literacy. Traveling throughout Alberta, she has provided a wide variety of training to front line workers, giving them the knowledge and tools to help them incorporate family literacy into the work they do.

Dr. Hayden has also helped the Centre develop numerous training manuals and workshops and has co-authored several of the Centre’s resources for professionals across many sectors. Through her work with the Centre, Ruth has brought the joy and benefits of family literacy to hundreds of Albertans.

Honouring these two outstanding individuals was indeed the highlight of the many activities planned by the Centre in celebration of National Family Literacy Day.

Linn Pascal, winner of the Lois Hole Adult Learner Award

Dr. Ruth Hayden, winner of the Lois Hole Community Leadership Award, with
Jim Hole

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