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"Most children’s language abilities will flourish under the right circumstances, which include a secure home that encourages verbal interaction."

Alison Palkhivala.
Early Childhood Learning Bulletin,
Canadian Council on Learning,
June 2007

The Alberta Prairie C.O.W.
Keeps Travelling
Like many Albertans, we have been carefully watching the price of gasoline over the past several months concerned about the impact it might have on the cost of the Alberta Prairie C.O.W. project.

We were delighted to receive a call from Jim Piliouras, Senior Sales Coordinator at Petro-Canada advising us that they would again be donating gas cards to the C.O.W. Bus.

Petro-Canada has been a supporter of this project since the launch in January 2004 and its generous donation has helped to keep the bus travelling throughout the province supporting family literacy. Over 32,000 adults and children have visited the bus in the past 3 years. Thanks to Petro-Canada for its ongoing support of this project.

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