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"Knowledge is the currency of our economy. If you want to see your workforce in
15 years, look at your children today.

Frank McKenna,
Pan Canadian Interactive
Literacy Forum
April 2008

Family Literacy an Every Day Success

A child’s early positive interaction with adults helps form the basis for success in school, work and life. Engaging young children in literacy activities at home enables parents and other family members to become active participants in their children’s education at an early age.

Many parents ask when and how to share books with their child. Here are a few suggestions:

• Begin when your child is born and spend time reading every day.

• Sing to your child or repeat nursery rhymes.

• Choose books with colourful pictures and simple words – or no words at all.

• Read with interest and expression – or just tell the story in your own words.

• Let your baby play with the book. Most board books and cloth books are safe for babies to handle and chew on.

• Encourage your toddler to point out objects, repeat words, and talk about the story.

• Ask your child open-ended questions about the story: “Why do you think Goldilocks ate Baby Bear’s porridge?” “What do you think will happen next?’

• Tell stories about your family and culture.

• Be an example to your children; let them see you read books too.

Reading aloud – with children participating actively – helps children learn new words, learn more about the world they live in, learn more about written language, and see the connections between spoken and written words.

So, grab a good book and cuddle up with your child. It will provide fun and enjoyment for both of you.

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