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"Worldwide some 774 million adults cannot read or write. Two-thirds of these are women."

Languages Matter

The Great Book Club Challenge

Calling all Book Club members. The Cosmos Book Club has issued a challenge to all Book Clubs to raise money for the Classroom on Wheels (C.O.W.) Bus. They have currently raised $700 and hope that others will pickup the challenge to either match or beat their contribution.

The C.O.W. Bus program is a drop-in bookmobile that offers families with few resources the opportunity to borrow books for free and also provides informal programming that assists parents in supporting their pre-school children’s literacy development.

A member of the Cosmos Book Club said, “Who better to be interested in supporting literacy than Book Club members – it just seems so natural.”

Think about the worlds books have opened to you – worlds where you can laugh, cry, or simply escape from your daily life for an hour or two. Then imagine what it must be like to be a child who has no books, or whose parents have trouble reading so there are no bedtime stories.

More information on the Great Book Club Challenge can be found on our website.

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