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"Worldwide some 774 million adults cannot read or write. Two-thirds of these are women."

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Satellite Adult Tutor Program a Huge Success

In partnership with the Mill Woods Family Resource Centre, we are offering our Adult Tutor program at their Millbourne Community Site.

The Millbourne Site was selected because the Centre delivers family literacy programs there and it was felt that the Adult Tutor program would complement those programs. This location provides adults access to the program without leaving their community, which significantly reduces the barrier of transportation, both from a financial perspective and a distance perspective. The Millbourne Site also provides childcare while parents work with their tutors.

We currently have two strong and dynamic Functional Literacy classes full of eager participants, who come from a variety of circumstances with different strengths and challenges but who all share the common goal of improving their literacy skills. “My teacher is so good and helpful. I want to keep going”, said one of the learners.

We initially found getting participants rather difficult but word spread and we had to recruit a second volunteer tutor so that we would not have to turn people away.

In addition to the classes, we also offer one-on-one tutoring. Recently a learner commented, “Thank you for finding someone to help me. I passed my learner’s test”. This satellite program is proving that success is contagious!

The satellite program is funded in part by the Edmonton

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