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The 2006 Survey of Canadian Attitudes toward Learning revealed that 64% of Canadian parents feel they do not have enough knowledge to help with their children’s homework.

Help Your Child to Read and Write

Rebecca was eight years old and in Grade 3, and her spelling and reading skills were falling behind the rest of her class. She was becoming frustrated and acting out in class and at home.

That is no longer the case thanks to the Centre’s program, Help Your Child to Read and Write. Rebecca’s mother says there has been a big improvement not only in her daughter’s reading level but also in her self-confidence. No more tantrums and no more tears, Rebecca happily packs her knapsack and heads off to school.

According to her teacher, Rebecca is putting up her hand to answer questions, something she never did before. The school librarian says Rebecca is borrowing books and is eager to talk about the story she has just read.

Help Your Child to Read and Write works with students like Rebecca and their parents in a 6-week program. Together they learn new strategies, practice them and then use them at home to lessen stress and improve school success. “The program helped both of us—made it more fun”, commented one parent.

The program is currently offered in partnership with Edmonton Public and Catholic Schools, and is delivered in inner city or high-needs elementary schools at no cost to the families. The program is aimed at parents and their children in grades 1–6. Some parents attend with more than one of their children.

We are piloting a Saturday session of the program at the Centre to try and accommodate more parents. The session began on February 23 and will run until March 29. If the pilot proves a success, we will try to offer the Saturday program on a quarterly basis.

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