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The 2006 Survey of Canadian Attitudes toward Learning revealed that 64% of Canadian parents feel they do not have enough knowledge to help with their children’s homework.

2008 Lois Hole Memorial Literacy Award Winners Recognized
Dr. Ruth Hayden, the 2007 recipient of the Lois Hole Leadership Award, gave the keynote address at the Centre’s annual Leading with Literacy Breakfast. Over 200 people attended the breakfast where the Lois Hole Memorial Literacy Awards winners were announced.

Dave Chorney won the Lois Hole Adult Learner Award for his determined effort to improve his reading skills. Dave came to the Centre because his wife thought it was time for him to learn to read. At 32 years of age with a full time job and a young family, Dave struggled with words like “mother” and “our”. He didn’t know how to spell his wife or daughter’s name and he couldn’t put a sentence together.

For two years, Dave worked with his volunteer tutor Deanna Emberg. Deanna described him as a very determined learner, often arriving early for their session and staying late. Dave was recently reassessed and the results were impressive. He had gone up 2 levels in reading in 80 hours of work – an accomplishment that usually takes more than twice that amount of time.

Today, Dave can write a full paragraph and knows when he has misspelled a word. Most importantly, he now reads to his two little girls every day bringing him closer to his family and teaching them the joy of reading.

The Edmonton Journal was the recipient of the Lois Hole Community Leadership Award for their Raise-a-Reader program. Raise-a-Reader is a unique project designed to raise awareness and raise money for family literacy programs throughout Edmonton and area. The Edmonton Journal’s annual fund-raising campaign culminates on Raise-a-Reader Day when more than 200 volunteers take to the streets to raise awareness of the importance of literacy and to seek donations in exchange for a newspaper.

The Journal commits extensive promotional and editorial support as well as staff resources to Raise-a-Reader Day. They provide a variety of ads using local celebrities as the hook to attract attention to the campaign. The initial campaign, in 2002, raised $18,000 - last year, more than $100,000 was donated to a wide variety of family literacy programs. Hundreds of children and families have benefited from the Raise-a-Reader campaign and the promotional and editorial support that the Edmonton Journal provides is an invaluable resource in building public awareness of the importance of family literacy.

Dave Chorney reads to daughters Rebecca, 6, and Alyssa, 2.

Jim Hole presents the
Lois Hole Leadership Award to Pat Hutchinson of the Edmonton Journal.

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