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Happy Holidays everyone,
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Join the CanadaHelps Great Canadian Giving Challenge

The CanadaHelps Great Giving Challenge is a 4-week long competition that encourages Canadians to use the power of social networking to help their favourite charity.

December is the most popular month for Canadians to make donations, so the Challenge is running from November 23 to December 20.

Every Canadian is challenged to set up what is called a GivingPage on the CanadaHelps website and raise funds for any registered Canadian charity of their choice. To encourage you to raise money, cash prizes will be awarded to the charity whose GivingPages raise the most money and to the charity that attracts the highest number of donors.

We hope you will join the Challenge and set up a GivingPage for the Centre for Family Literacy. To join, simply go to the CanadaHelps website at
www.canadahelps.org and click on the Giving Challenge. Once you have joined then start promoting it to everyone: friends, family, colleagues. Maybe you would like to challenge a friend to see who can raise the most money.

CanadaHelps is a registered charitable foundation that provides an online donation portal for Canadian charities. The Centre for Family Literacy has been a member of CanadaHelps since 2005. The “donate now” icon on our website sends you directly to our page where you can make a donation in a variety of ways, including monthly gifts, and receive a tax receipt immediately.

Now there are three easy ways to donate to the Centre:

1. On our website through CanadaHelps

2. GivingPage through CanadaHelps

3. By mail to: 201, 11456 Jasper Ave,
Edmonton AB T5K 0M1

Your donation will help support the innovative programs that are making a difference in families’ lives.



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