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"Investing in literacy, especially for families and youth at risk, is an effective crime prevention strategy. Early prevention strategies, that include literacy, can help reduce the risk factors such as poverty, unemployment, and isolation that can lead to crime."

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A Focus on Fathers

For many of us, our childhood memories of nursery rhymes and books involve our mothers, but fathers also have an important role as their children’s first teachers.

Many fathers feel uncomfortable reading, singing and rhyming with their children. Reading the sports section of the newspaper or singing a song from their favourite rock group is okay, but reading “One Duck Stuck” or singing a nursery rhyme is just not for them.

To encourage fathers to be more involved with their children’s early literacy development, the Centre for Family Literacy in partnership with West Edmonton Parent Link is piloting a new program. Based on the Centre’s Books for Babies program, the pilot is four-weeks in length and is for dads with babies under one year of age.

Over the course of the program, fathers will learn that reading almost anything is showing their children that reading is an important and pleasurable experience. They will also learn what to look for in books for their babies, discover different types of books that will be of interest to them and their children, and learn nursery rhymes and finger plays.

The fathers will spend an hour each week playing and learning with their children. They will discover that reading, rhyming and singing with their children are enjoyable activities with life-long rewards. Literacy develops in families first, and fathers play an integral role in nurturing their children’s early learning.


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