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"Research shows the earlier parents become involved in their children's literacy practices, the more profound the results and the longer-lasting the effects."

Mullis, R.L., Mullis, A.K.,
Cornille, T.A., Ritchson, A.D. and Sullender, M.S., 2004.
Early literacy outcomes and parent involvement.
Tallahassee, Fl: Florida State University.

Centre Launches New Library System

Until recently, tutors, students and staff using the Centre’s library signed out books using the old method of stamping cards. This outdated system did not allow students to become comfortable and familiar with the system used at public libraries. There was also no searchable database of library materials; you had to physically search the shelves for items.

A donation from the Rotary Club of Edmonton provided funding to purchase new library software that has automated our system. Patrons will now use a library card and electronic check out. Using any web server, they are able to search for books using our on-line catalogue and access their own account.

Automating the library also helps library staff keep better statistics on the library - tracking what books are circulating and how many people are using our library.

The automation process involved the creation of individual records for the over 3000 items in the library including workbooks, fiction books and non-fiction books at different reading levels, great for students to practice their new skills. There is also tutor material designed specifically to help tutors in their teaching methods.


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