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Program Shows Marked Improvement for Parents and Children

The Learning Together program wrapped up on June 24 with a celebration for the ten families who attended the 36-week program.

Learning Together is unique in that parents attend school with their children. The children participate in a play and literacy-based preschool program while the parents are involved in an adult class that combines adult literacy with family literacy skills, parenting topics, child development information, and learning about the school system. The program also includes times when parents and children share their learning by participating in activities together.

An outside evaluator assessed the children in the 2009/2010 preschool program and found progress in learning for all children, especially in literacy and numeracy. She also concluded that most of the children who were entering kindergarten in the fall displayed a “high level of school readiness.”

All of the adult learners displayed at least a grade level improvement in their reading comprehension scores. Two parents who sought out additional help from the Centre’s adult tutoring program showed the most remarkable gains.

In April, one of the parents wrote, “this program enriched my family’s life by not only giving me the tools to encourage my son’s literacy, but also my own.” This same parent is enrolled at a post-secondary institution for September and plans to continue her education and change her field of work. The parents have said, “Everyone deserves the opportunity to gain the literacy and social skills offered in this program.”

As Learning Together ended, the families were eagerly tackling new challenges in their lives. They were seeking out information on schools and other programs for themselves and for their children. Many of the parents were looking for another program that they could do together with their child. They had recognized the value of spending time as a family and felt that they could learn more in a program together than in one they attend separately.

Young graduate receives congratulations from CFL Learning Together staff.

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