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"Mothers who eat well [and] exercise . . . during pregnancy have healthier babies who are more ready to learn."

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Adult Program Responds to Student Needs

Eliminating barriers, addressing health and wellness issues, and assisting with everyday challenges are the impetuses behind several additional programs the Centre is offering to adult students.

For three years, Functional Literacy classes have been run at the Mill Woods Family Resource Centre, Millbourne Site. The participants are taught reading, writing, and conversational skills that relate directly to their everyday activities such as earning a learner’s permit, understanding notes sent home from school, or taking children to the library.

The program is offered in their neighbourhood, thus eliminating the barrier of transportation, and childcare is provided. Offering a group class addresses the sense of isolation that many learners, especially newcomers, experience.

This fall, the Centre will be running a Health Literacy, or Healthy Living and Wellness, class to provide information on a variety of topics including nutritional labeling, eating well, reading menus for healthy selections, and physical activities to do at home.

Some days participants may practice chair aerobics, on others take a field trip to a local grocery store to practice reading labels so they can make healthy choices.

Many of the students in our Adult Tutor Program were looking for extra help beyond their weekly session with their tutor. The Drop In Learning program was established to address this issue. Once a week for two hours, a volunteer tutor is available at the Centre so students can drop in to receive assistance. This ranges from help with a resume or completion of a job application to using the Internet more effectively to support their learning.

The highly successful Dollars and Sense program will continue in the fall at NorQuest College. Level 1 and 2 courses will again be offered and will cover basic math and money, spending and saving, budgeting, using bank services, and credit and debt.

Our Adult Tutor program is the foundation upon which these additional programs have been developed. Each program supports our students’ efforts to achieve their personal goals.

All of these program options are funded by Alberta Advanced Education and Technology or through ECALA.

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