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Innovative Workplace Family Literacy Project Concludes

The Workplace Family Literacy Project, undertaken by the Centre for Family Literacy, has come to a successful conclusion. In the final phase of this innovative project, employees at Lakeside Packers in Brooks and at Lucerne Foods in Taber participated in pilot programs delivered before work and during the lunch hour. For those employees who took part in the programs, benefits included improved workplace communication, support for family learning, increased literacy self-awareness on the part of workers, a greater understanding of the literacy skills of their children, and enhanced workers’ attitudes toward the importance of family literacy.

The pilot projects demonstrated that it is indeed feasible to offer family literacy initiatives in the workplace, both in terms of literacy practitioners’ capacity to develop and deliver such programs and in terms of employers’ and employees’ willingness to participate. In addition to the pilot programs, the two-year project also resulted in increased awareness of this approach to literacy development and practical resources that will help other communities implement this type of program. Copies of “how to” guides for employers and for literacy practitioners can be obtained at the Centre’s website, www.famlit.ca.

The Workplace Family Literacy Project was funded by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, Office of Literacy and Essential Skills.



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