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"Stronger Together"
Collaborating for Change

Literacy Alberta, the Community Learning Network and the Centre for Family Literacy are all organizations that work to improve literacy and learning in the province of Alberta. The organizations have worked together on an ad hoc basis for several years. This spring they decided to explore opportunities to formalize their working relationships.

The Executive Director and two Board members from each organization have been meeting since then as a group with facilitators Pamila Crosby and Sharon Matthias.

This group is looking at ways the three organizations can build on their current collaborations so they can work together more strategically and effectively on behalf of people who live in Alberta and use our services now and in the future.

The Centre for Family Literacy’s Board Chair Maie Kellerman said, “We are encouraged that each time we meet, we get to know one another better and understand the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead for the field generally. “

The group is currently developing Guiding Principles that will form the foundation for their work together. These include, for instance, that the outcome must be Learner Centered and must build on the excellence and unique characteristics of all three organizations.

Kellerman concluded, “While we have not come to any final conclusions, we remain excited about the possibilities that lie ahead.”



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