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It's More Than Just a Book
The Mitten by Jan Brett is a much-loved adaptation of an old Ukrainian folktale. It is the perfect book to read during the winter months and provides the opportunity to use the story as the base for fun activities that will expand a child’s literacy development.

If the weather permits, take a walk outside and look for different kinds of snow. Does it look like the snow in the book? What words would you use to describe it? What sound do your boots make as you walk across the snow? Try to find things on you walk that begin with the letters of the alphabet.

If the weather is too cold, it is the perfect day for arts and crafts. Make a mitten by tracing your hand on paper and then colour and decorate the mitten. Use your new mittens as a prop as you share the story “The Three Little Kittens Who Lost Their Mittens”.

Draw pictures of the animals in the story and have your child count how many animals crawled in the mitten. Make a collage using pictures of animals, mittens and other winter items cut out of magazines. Or make masks of the animals in the story and put on a play.

Extending the story with a variety of activities will engage your child’s imagination and build their literacy and language skills. It is the perfect way to celebrate winter.

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