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Grocery Shopping with Children Can Be Fun!
If you had to make a list of your least favorite activities, grocery shopping would probably be in the top ten. Add children into the mix and it might rank number one.

The Centre decided to change this experience with the Great Grocery Scavenger Hunt. The Saturday before Family Literacy Day® (January 27) seemed like a great time to introduce the scavenger hunt.

Sobeys partnered with us, and four of their Edmonton stores were selected to host the event. Our two Classroom on Wheels (C.O.W.) Buses parked outside the Sobeys stores, giving families a wonderful opportunity to visit and explore a variety of fun literacy activities.

Inside Sobeys, families were welcomed by our staff and volunteers and provided with the Great Grocery Scavenger Hunt activity sheet. Families with preschool children were encouraged to find shapes (squares, triangles, rectangles, and circles) in the store or to sing or rhyme the Muffin Song using the tune of “Three Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed”.

For families with school age-children, the scavenger hunt included answering a series of questions: What aisle is the cereal in? How much does 2 liters of milk cost? How many employees are in the bakery right now?

Each family received a free book, and there were draws for Sobeys gift cards and tickets to the Edmonton Symphony’s “Symphony for Kids” concert.

Parents agreed that the scavenger hunt certainly improved the shopping experience. So next time you are shopping with your children consider playing I Spy or creating your own scavenger hunt. You might just discover that shopping can be fun, and the bonus is your children are learning at the same time.




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