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Our Mission Statement:
The Centre for Family Literacy builds, develops and improves literacy with familiies and communities.

Centre Launches New Literacy Program

Isaac Asimov said, “It is change, continuing change, inevitable change that is the dominant factor in society today.” Recognizing that family literacy programming needed to adapt to the changing needs of our community partners and their families, the Centre developed a new program – Literacy Links.

In consultation with community organizations, the Literacy Links Coordinator develops and delivers a program that best supports their specific needs. The customized program is based on current literacy programs offered by the Centre.

Literacy Links also focuses on building awareness of the importance of family literacy and the positive effect that parents and caregivers can have on the literacy development of children. To this end, the program provides training to organizations working in or related to the early childhood field.

The program also wants to build awareness of family literacy through presentations to a broader sector including service organizations, associations and the business community.

The goal of the Literacy Links program is to deliver family literacy training, programs and presentations in a format that meets the needs of the community. By adapting and customizing our current programs, it is felt we can reach more people with the message that literacy develops in families first and support more families on their literacy journey.



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