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Pitch'N'Putt Game Built on Nine Workplace Essential Skills

What do the nine workplace literacy and essential skills have in common with golf? Employees at Mixcor Aggregrates found out April 10 when they attended their company’s annual general meeting.

The Centre’s Literacy Links staff in partnership with Mixcor Aggregates developed a Pitch’N’Putt course that tested each team’s skill at “golf” and the nine essential workplace skills. The event began with a shotgun start at 1:15 p.m. with each team positioned at one of the nine holes.

A player on each team was handed their “club” and “ball” and they were off. To keep it fun, the golf clubs came in many shapes and sizes, as did the golf balls. Once the team member had successfully put the ball into the hole, the team was then asked to complete a task involving one of the skills.

  • Reading
  • Document Use
  • Numeracy
  • Writing
  • Oral Communication
  • Working with Others
  • Thinking
  • Computer Use
  • Continuous Education
The activities were based on actual tasks they would have to do at work. At one hole they were asked to watch a video and then write an incident report. At another they demonstrated their computer skills by going online to complete a vacation request form and email it to a supervisor.

The Pitch’N’Putt game was designed so that everyone had fun and the rules ensured that everyone had a chance to be a lead hacker, caddy, and ball guard. At the final hole, each player was asked to write down one thing they wanted to learn at work and one thing they wanted to learn at home.

Many of the employees at Mixcor Aggregate have young families. During the event wrap-up the Centre’s staff stressed the important role that parents play in supporting their children’s learning. They also showed the link between the literacy and essential skills used in the workplace and the day-to-day activities parents do with their children.



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