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Our Vision:

A healthy, literate society where all are able to contribute and succeed.

A Learner's Story

A few years before I came to the Centre for Family Literacy, my girlfriend gave me a flyer for the Centre with the phone number on it, but I did nothing about it. Whenever I tried to read I would get frustrated and give up. One day, my 7-year-old daughter and I were reading a book and I had trouble making out the words.

I decided to call the Centre and make an appointment to see someone. I knew that not being able to read was holding me back in life. Going to meet my tutor was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done! The first few sessions with my tutor were nerve wracking! It took a few sessions to learn to relax.

One of the reasons I learned how to read is so I could learn how to use the computer and new technology. I went from a Level one to Level six in one year and won the Lois Hole Adult Literacy award.

I enjoy surfing the “net”. It’s nice to be able to look at instructions and figure them out on your own instead of waiting for someone else to help you out. I remember how I used to struggle looking for addresses in the city. Now, I take reading for granted because I don’t even remember all the struggles I used to have . . . but there are still more mountains to climb.


Reading has helped me in many ways. I now can understand work orders and use the computer to help fix my vehicles.


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