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New Family Literacy Programs Planned

This year the Centre’s goal was to research and develop two new programs to meet various needs that have been expressed from our program participants, partners and funders. Using this feedback as a starting point, we held numerous brainstorming sessions, consulted with our whole CFL team, and examined the continuum of programs we currently offer. We determined the general topics and target audiences for the new programs: a numeracy program for parents with their three to five-year-olds, and a school age program for parents and their children in grades one to three.

In June, using all of the information collected, the program team took two full days away from the office to work on program development. The result was a solid framework for both programs. Over the summer, work continued and great progress was made on content and activities – although the programs’ names seem to be elusive.

The numeracy program will help parents support their child’s numeracy and literacy development. Activities will connect families through shared literacy and numeracy experiences – building on basic number sense, shapes, patterns, and predictability.

The school age program has its foundation in another CFL program called Help Your Child to Read and Write. This program provided parents with the skills to support their child’s literacy development through reading and writing strategies. The new program uses that well researched foundation and introduces new topics of interest to parents such as technology and numeracy. The structure of its delivery will also be changed to adapt to the busy lives of parents and children.

Both programs will be piloted in the fall or early winter, and then evaluated and adapted as necessary. It is a very exciting time as the program team is looking forward to seeing how the programs are received and how they will move ahead in the future.



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