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Lois Hole Memorial Literacy Awards 2023: Call for Nominations

The Centre for Family Literacy established Lois Hole Awards to honour individuals, families, organizations or businesses that have demonstrated a commitment to family literacy. The awards are named after the Centre’s Honorary Patron, the late Honourable Dr. Lois Hole.

Literacy is at the heart of all learning and families have a key role to play in developing and nurturing literacy through every stage of life.” Lois E. Hole 

Community Leadership Award

Nominees for this award should through their efforts, have demonstrated an ongoing commitment to family literacy. 

Nominations will be judged on one or more of the following selection criteria:

  • Shown leadership in family literacy activities;
  • Raised funds for family literacy programs or organizations;
  • Developed innovative family literacy materials;
  • Increased public awareness of family literacy issues;
  • Encouraged family literacy in the community or workplace.

Past recipients of a Lois Hole Award are ineligible for consideration. However, nominees who have been previously nominated and did not receive an award are eligible for re-nomination.

How to Nominate a Community Leader for a Lois Hole Award

Nominations must be completed on one of the official nomination forms attached to these guidelines. All nominees must consent to being nominated and must sign the nomination form. Nominations require the signature of two supporters.

In addition, please provide a letter of nomination not to exceed 750 words. The nomination letter should highlight the achievements of the nominee against the selection criteria and include the following: 

  • The reasons you believe the nominee deserves the award; 
  • The nominee’s activities that relate to the award category; 
  • The amount of time the nominee has dedicated to literacy; 
  • Any additional information that demonstrates the outstanding efforts of the nominee.

Closing Date for Nominations

All nomination material must be received at the Centre for Family Literacy by Wednesday, April 19, 2023 at 4:00 pm. 

In order to meet the deadline, nominations may be emailed in advance of sending an original signed hard copy of the nomination materials. The original signed hard copy of the nomination material must be received within one week of the closing deadline for a nomination to be accepted. 

Please refer to the official Nomination form for details of the mailing address and email address for submitting nominations.

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