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Pictures are Worth a Thousand Words

Picture books let you and your child make up a story together, in whatever language you want!

Let’s Go!

Choose a picture book to share with your child. These can be books that have few or no words at all. The pictures can tell a story on their own.

Do It Together!

Look at the pictures in the book with your child. Make up a story in your first language, using the pictures for ideas. You can also talk about what you see in the pictures and ask questions like “What do you think is happening?”

If your child is older, they can help make up a story — you can do a page, then your child can do one — take turns adding to the story.


It’s easy to use any language to “read” a picture book, which supports first language use in the home. It is important for your child to hear you speaking the language you are most comfortable with to learn language properly.

Picture books also let you and your child become writers and storytellers, which will help your child use their imagination and learn how stories work.

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