Literacy in Canada

The 2013 Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies (PIAAC), an initiative of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development ( OECD), provided international comparable measures of three skills that are essential to processing information: literacy, numeracy, and problem-solving in technology-rich environments.

According to the PIAAC, 48% of Canadians and 45% of Albertans (aged 16- 65) have literacy skills that fall below a high school level. Having strong literacy skills is the foundation to all learning and essential to be able to fully participate in society. Our programs, training, and resources are tools used to support improving literacy levels in the community.

Free Resources for Parents and Professionals

We offer a wide variety of free resources to help inspire a lifelong love of learning.

Web Resources

Flit App for iOS

Early interaction with children, like sharing books, talking, singing, or playing, help lay the foundation for early language and literacy – key skills for success. The app provides parents with specifically tailored activities designed to build strong reading, writing and literacy skills in their child, and have fun doing it!


A YouTube Playlist with 5-minute videos that provide parents/caregivers with tips, activities and songs they can introduce into their daily routine. 

Go to the FamLit5 Playlist 

Resources Available for Purchase

We offer a number of resources for professionals to use to support their work in the field of literacy.

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Family Literacy and Health Brochure

Developed by the Centre for Family Literacy

The brochure contains information, literacy activities and recommended books to help prepare children for visits to the doctor, dentist, health centre, eye doctor and a trip to the hospital.

Bundle of 50 $25.00

Families Just Want to Have FUN! Party Activities

Developed by the Centre for Family Literacy

The booklet gives fun ideas on how to incorporate literacy activities into children’s parties.

Activities can also be printed from tip sheets.

Bundle of 50 $25.00

Science Activities You Can Do at Home

Developed by the Centre for Family Literacy

The brochure contains nine science-based activities that support children’s learning. Each activity contains a list of materials you will need, instructions on how to complete the activity and an explanation of what is happening during the experiment.

 Bundle of 50 – $25.00

Literacy Begins at Home Pamphlet

Developed by the Centre for Family Literacy 

The pamphlet summarizes the literacy milestones that children go through.

Bundle of 100 – $10.00

Literacy Activities & Articles

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