Adult Book Club – Tuesday Evening

Ages: 18+ years

Length: 90 Minutes


Fall Adult Book Club – Tuesday evening

Have you always wanted to read more? Do you want to learn new words and meet new people?

Join us Tuesdays from 7:00 – 8:30 PM. The theme of this book club is Sharing Our Stories. 

 Everyone has a story to tell! Each week we will read some heartwarming and funny short stories and share them together. 

In Tuesday Evening Book Club we will read:

Home From the Vinyl Cafe: A Year of Stories by Stuart McLean.

Warm, witty and moving, these are stories that will walk right into your life and make themselves at home. Welcome to a year in the life of Dave and his family as they bump and stumble from one funny fiasco to the next. Whether it’s sending the kids to camp, putting up the Christmas lights or losing control at the grocery store, everyday events in this book are both challenging and hilarious.

A paragraph from the book:

They didn’t understand until Christmas Eve when the presents were finally wrapped and under the tree and he and Morley were snuggled in bed and he was feeling warm and safe there beside his wife, and he nudged her feet with his feet and she said, did you take the turkey out of the freezer? He went downstairs and couldn’t find a turkey in the freezer. He was about to call out, where is the turkey anyway? But he stopped abruptly when the truth landed on him like an anvil, and he understood that looking after the turkey, something he had promised to do, meant buying it as well as putting it in the oven. He decided he would wait downstairs for a while.

When he went back up to Morely, she was asleep and he thought I could wake her. Instead, he lay in bed and imagined in perfect detail the chronology of the Christmas Day waiting for him. He imagined everything from the first morning squeal to the moment his family left to work at the food bank. And then that moment when they came home, all of them expecting Turkey, and he saw the look on his wife’s face as she sat at her table with the homemade Christmas crackers as he carried a bowl of spaghetti across the kitchen.

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