Who We Are

Our vision

A healthy, literate society where all are able to contribute and succeed.

Our mission

To empower people, strengthen communities, and transform lives through literacy.


We are guided by and committed to:


We value and respect people.

We embrace diversity, individual experiences and abilities.

We build on strengths to empower people to reach their goals.


We are committed to excellence.

We are responsive, innovative and accountable.

We collaborate and create connections to strengthen communities.


We believe literacy is a basic human right.

We are champions for lifelong learning.

We are inspired to transform lives through literacy.

“Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.”


Where it all Started

The Centre for Family Literacy began as Prospects Literacy Association, in February 1980. It was established as the first volunteer tutor program in Alberta with the primary goal of matching tutors with adults who needed help to develop reading, writing and math skills. Prospects also supported the development of training for literacy practitioners and helped to set up a provincial professional development organization.

Prospects piloted its first family literacy program in Edmonton in 1993 and within five years was delivering a wide range of family literacy programs that helped parents support their children’s literacy development, while also assisting parents with their own literacy skills.

In 1998, a cross-sectoral needs assessment with the literacy community determined that a new organization, the Centre for Family Literacy would assume all of the programs and work of Prospects. As well, the Centre would take on a new provincial mandate for provision of family literacy training, information, promotion, resources, and research.

Effective January 1, 2001, the Centre for Family Literacy Society of Alberta was established as a registered charity and operates as the Centre for Family Literacy.

Addressing Today’s Needs

The Centre continues our efforts to improve literacy through programs, training, development of resources, promotion, awareness, and research. In partnerships with community agencies, we support thousands of adults and children each year.

Our programs for adults and children provide parents/caregivers of preschool children (birth to age 6) with the skills they need to support their children’s early language and literacy development, while working on their own literacy skills. Our programs for adults help them build basic reading, writing, numeracy, technology, and other life skills needed to be successful in today’s society. 

Numbers are a way to show the Centre’s reach and how many individuals we served over the past year.
Child Program Participants
Adult Program Participants
Training Participants


55% of Albertans have the literacy skills needed to do everyday tasks. Imagine if 100% of Albertans had these skills.

Improving someone’s literacy will make a difference in their life. With your support we can help make that difference.



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