Together adults work with other adults in safe and supportive settings to develop literacy skills and strategies that will help them achieve their goals. Our programs offer meaningful and relevant activities to connect learning to real life – work, family, community – in fun and practical ways.

Program Values

Together, adults and children learn new skills, gain confidence and have fun! Our programs provide families with the opportunity to reach their literacy goals together in a safe and supportive group. Our programs build on their everyday family practices and provide them with new and engaging ways to include literacy activities in their routine.

This fall, programs are being offered both online and in person! Registration will be open from August 22 - 29.

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Program FAQ's

  • Register for programs by clicking on the registration link during these dates (subject to change):
  • For Fall 2022 programs – register August 22 – 29
  • For Winter 2023 programs – register November 21 – 28
  • For Spring 2023 programs – register March 13 – 20
  • Registration is to be completed by the primary caregiver of the child(ren)

Age groups are listed under each program on the schedule below

Family Book Club and 321 FUN! Book kits can be picked up by contacting the staff member listed in your confirmation email.

  • 3 programs per family
  • If you would like to register for additional programs please select the “waitlist” option in the registration form

March 21 @ 4:00 pm or when the programs are full

  • You will receive an email that your registration was received within 2-3 hours after you register 
  • Once your registration is approved you will receive a confirmation, including a Zoom link for online programs and a confirmation number or in person programs
  • If you don’t receive a confirmation email within one week of registration closing,  please:
    • Check your junk mail or spam folder
    • Search your email for
    • Add to your contacts
    • Email us at
  • Family Programs are 30 – 45 minutes in length and run for 10 weeks (unless noted)
  • Adult Programs are 1.5 hours in length and run for 10 weeks (unless noted)

All ten week programs take a break between week 5 and 6 (unless noted)

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One on One Tutoring


What do you want to learn? Do you want to get your G.E.D.? Do you want a job? Do you want to help your kids with their homework? If you want to get better at reading, writing, or math, we can help!

Call today to find a tutor to help you learn what you want!

Tutor Teams

Age 18+

This is our traditional tutoring program with a twist.  Designed to provide one on one support for our learners while working to build a community of friends. Each team will be between 2-3 people paired with a volunteer tutor to enjoy one of the topics below.

Choose Your Team TODAY!

  • TV Talk
    Meet new friends and discover a new TV series together! TV Talk meets online once a week with a volunteer tutor. You will spend time watching a TV series, learning new words and connecting with other learners. This is a fun way to make friends, and talk together about new things every week. Join us for TV Talk.

  • What’s New in the News?
    What is going on in the world? What’s New in the News? meets online once a week with a volunteer tutor. Read the news together, learn new words and share your opinions! This is a great chance to get together with new friends, talk about what’s going on in the news every week, and practice your reading & writing skills.

  • Pen Pals 
    A pen pal is a friend you write letters to, and they write letters back to you. Pen pal letter writing is a fun way to practice writing and meet a volunteer tutor. You can write to your pen pal about your life, about the news, about your interests! This is a great way to practice reading and writing.

  • Books and Friends:
    Meet new friends and discover new books together! Books and Friends is a new small group that meets online once a week. You will spend time reading, learning new words and connecting with other learners. This small group is a great chance to make friends, and talk together about new things every week. Join us for books and friends!

Basic Computer Skills

This program is for adults who want to learn the basics of computers for everyday use. The class meets once a week for ten weeks with practice time built into the program.

Adult Book Club

Join our book club! This program is for adults who want to get better at reading in a fun way. In book club, you will meet once a week for 10 weeks to read and talk about a book.

This group will help you safely work on reading, understanding, learning new words and writing. Tell us what you want to learn about and we will add it where we can. Books for each session will be chosen by what we hear from you!

Current Programs

Days Offered

Method Program is Offered

Program Type

New Year's Eve book cover
Ages: 18+ years
by Marina Endicot

On New Year’s Eve, Dixie and her husband Grady set off on a car trip. They plan to visit Grady’s family, five hours away. But …

Sunday - 9:00 am
The Clear-Out Cover
Ages: 18+ years
by Deborah Ellis

Duncan is very angry. Tess, his wife, has turned their dining room into a library. Then disaster strikes: Tess gets sick, and soon Duncan is …

Monday - 7:00 pm
Ages: 18+ years
by Brenda Chapman

Ottawa is in the middle of a summer heat wave—and PI Anna Sweet takes on her hottest case yet. Brent Rose secretly dated three women …

Monday - 7:00 pm
Missing Her book cover
Ages: 18+ years
by Brenda Chapman

Shelley Vincent has been missing for over a year. Her fiancé, Albert Romaine, is desperate to find out what happened to her. With Christmas less …

Sunday - 9:00 am
Ages: 18+ years

Join us as we help you keep up with your kids by gaining confidence in basic computer skills.  You will learn how to: Use your …

Wednesday - 7:00 pm
Wednesday - 5:00 pm

Need more Information?

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